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Counseling in Santa Barbara


Specializing in Depression,
Self-Esteem Issues, Relationships, Motherhood, Life Transitions &
Parent Coaching
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I support clients in facing issues that feel painful and overwhelming. I believe people the have the inner knowledge and resilience to heal, and that together we can access those strengths. My clients are able to grow a stronger sense of self and find deeper understanding of their experiences. Through exploring ways in which one’s past may be shaping the present, clients access the freedom to make new decisions and choices in their lives, and find relief from emotional pain.


No matter how rewarding, being a parent can be extremely difficult. And amidst a global pandemic, support may be limited and anxieties may be high. Even in "normal" times, we can struggle to balance our needs with those of our children, to figure out how to discipline in a loving and effective way, and to help our kids develop and thrive. My therapeutic approach helps parents work through challenges mindfully, with love and with confidence.




I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist devoted to helping individuals, children and families grow. I utilize psychodynamic and relationship-based approaches to help clients uncover past burdens and maladaptive patterns, to gain understanding of how our personal histories can influence our present, and to ultimately achieve growth and long term change. I can provide tools and techniques for parents and families, cultivated from neuroscience, attachment theory, psychodynamic theory and developmental psychology, to encourage healthy emotional development in children and the cultivation of healthy parent-child relationships. I am here to listen, understand, and help you move forward.

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