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About Hannah

I have always had a passion for being with people, and have strived to make genuine and meaningful connections with others. Even as a young child, I remember being curious about the thoughts and feelings of individuals, and empathetic to the unique ways that others experience their lives.


Since earning a bachelor's degree from Williams College and a master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, I have had the opportunity to train in a variety of settings and work with various groups, from those struggling with chronic mental illness and homelessness, to couples working through major life transitions; from leading mindful parenting groups for parents and toddlers, to supporting women with maternal mental health. Extensive training in the model of mindful parenting, and then becoming a mother myself, has informed and shaped the way I approach working with individuals, children and families.


Maintaining empathy, understanding and compassion are the core principles of my therapeutic work. I work collaboratively with clients, so that together we can navigate challenging and painful times. I believe people have the inner knowledge and resilience to heal, and that together we can access those strengths. I utilize psychodynamic and relationship-based approaches to help clients uncover past burdens and maladaptive patterns, to gain understanding of how our personal histories can influence our present, and to ultimately achieve growth and long term change.


I am here to listen, understand, and help you move forward.

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